How to enable 2 factor authentication on WordPress

by Ruchira on May 3, 2013


2 Factor Authentication is a nice way of adding an extra layer of security to your web apps and accounts. Having just a user name and password makes it easy for hackers to guess or brute force your login’s and access your accounts potentially harming your data. Multiple factor authentication is designed to overcome this situation and adding one more step ( factor ) to your usual login details will sufficiently improve your security.

Adding 2 Factor Authentication is really easy thanks to WordPress “Google Authenticator” plugin, however you will need an Android or Apple smartphone to generate the authentication codes. Search for it on Google Play store or App store and install it. Get the wordpress plugin installed and configuration is very easy. After installing just hop over to Users -> Your profile on your wordpress dashboard. 





Mark it as active like you see above and click on “Show/Hide QR code” to display the QR code and use your smartphone’s Google Authenticator plugin to scan it.  Then it will display the authentication code and now we are done. Next time you try to login, you will be asked to enter the authentication code in order to get in




Also note that if you ever loose your smartphone, you will have a hard time to get in because only way of getting in is editing the files by logging in to your server. To prevent this, write down the “Secret” given to you when you set up the plugin and place it on a safe place, So you will be able to generate codes even if you use the old smartphone.

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