Is 2013 the year of Spam?

by Ruchira on February 23, 2013

For past few weeks I have been noticing increased number of Spam comments on my pending comments list. As you might know the comments you make on this blog is set to be accepted by me before appearing as comments. So when I go through the comments like I said before, There were many spam comments left without being blocked automatically by Akismet.



spam comments



At first I thought the problem is with akismet and it should have been failing to detect these comments. But few minutes later I found this exciting bar chart on akismet control panel.


spam bar chart




See how the spam comments has increased over the past months. February isn’t even over yet and there are 5917 spam comments for this time period.  Its more than twice than full month of January and 40 times more than December 2012.  This is why there were many spam comments left without being filtered on the queue. While akismet does a great job, it simply cant keep up the number of spam comments that this blog receive.

Other than reaching PR4 on last Google Page rank update, there is no possible reason on my side to attract this much spam. Do you got the same problem? Please share your ideas on comments

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