A look back at LxAdmin Kloxo project : 3 years later

by Ruchira on January 10, 2013

LxAdmin Kloxo web hosting panel used to be the go-to free control panel among the community years ago. Now its more than 3 years since I published my guide on how you can install the kloxo control panel on your server. On those days kloxo was really popular because of its simple but yet premium looking interface and there wasn’t any big problems at all. And kloxo was the first control panel to feature both Apache and lighttpd and we were able to switch between the 2 programs with just a single mouse click.  Those days I have even started a small proxy hosting venture and I have used the kloxo control panel not just because I wanted to take costs down, but it was a fine control panel and no one ever complained about it. And also I have hosted one of my biggest proxy sites on a small VPS running kloxo and I had no problems on it pushing 200GB traffic daily.  But time made me busy with exams and I had to migrate to a shared hosting service and sell my hosting venture. And then I have moved to command line and cpanel for business production servers

After the original developer has died ( he hung himself because of depression after hackers exploited his product HyperVM software casuing thousands of VPS servers running on the platform to be wiped out ) Kloxo and HyperVM was abandoned for a while but later project has started again with new developers . I have covered that news on my blog.  Again I started to recommend the kloxo control panel again for anyone who asked me about a free control panel and even wrote guides for it.  But the interest about kloxo slowly faded away and kloxo failed to make a buzz thereafter.

But now I have decided to take a look again to see what has been changed and I was simply sad after seeing project is now almost abandoned state.


kloxo problems

See the bug report above http://project.lxcenter.org/issues/1004 Its simply disappointing to see this kind of problems still exist without a solution after being reported 6 months ago.

See how many unattended immediate bugs are there on the bug tracker


kloxo bugs


Bug tracker is located here http://project.lxcenter.org/projects/kloxo/issues

Kloxo was a great control panel like I said above. But its sad to see the project is nearing its death because no one is there to take the maintenance responsibly. Kloxo had great potential of becoming a commercial control panel or even a good free control panel. Kloxo should have been the webmin. but the reason why the community is letting it die is still a mystery.

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