About that downtime

by Ruchira on October 3, 2010

Hmm I know you probably noticed the last down time happened few hours ago. 🙁 Thats because I crazily wanted to tune my blog to get maximum loading speed. Grrrr.
Ruchirablog downtime

  • What I had before,

I was installed centos 5.5+Nginx+PHP-FPM+Memcached on linode and trust me it was very fast. But I always wanted to tweak it to go further. Pingdom said that front page was loading at average of 4.5 seconds and it is pretty fast and beating most of CDN enabled sites out there! 😛 But hey I wanted to load pages in 2sec :EVIL

  • What you did to get 2sec load time

I signed up fro amazon s3 and cloudfront to move my theme files and media files to edgecast cloud storage. Then started to move files to CDN with “W3 Total Cache” wordpress plugin and saw that some of images on my posts were pointing to amazon cloudfront domain instead of my own Cname domain. And also some of images were broken during upload. So I decided to get back to old state by restoring from a complete linux disk image backup made few hours ago.  And clicked “Restore”

  • Then what happened

Things begun to change after this. The restoring process didn’t correctly deployed to disk and resulting the files got malfunctioned. OS really started but files got really messed up. Then I was so upset and  went ahead to try another backup image done 2 days ago and clicked “Restore” again. 🙁 Sad thing is that backup image is malfunctioned also!

  • Then?

I had to completely reinstall everything from scratch. This time I went with ubuntu lucid lynx instead of centos 5.5 because I always wanted to try Ubuntu because lots of guys recommended it! So after about 16 hours RuchiraBlog is back on business! 🙂

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