How to add Google+ authorship to WordPress easily

by Ruchira on May 13, 2013



Google is taking rel=”author” markup to a whole new level with Google+. You are most likely missing up if you haven’t added your author profile to your web page already. Rumor has it that adding rel=”author” and verifying your authorship is helping for your SEO and SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Positions).  So how can you add this to your WordPress blog or web site without editing any code or whatsoever?  Read on,

What do you need?

  • Google+ profile 
  • WordPress SEO plugin installed

If you are concerned about SEO you might already have “WordPress SEO” plugin installed on your site. So things will be super quick.

1. On WordPress control panel, navigate to SEO -> Titles and Metas -> Home and under Auther metadata select your WordPress user profile and save it.

2. Under the control panel navigate to Users -> Your Profile and fill up the Google+ profile page with the link to your Google+ profile. For example mine is –

3. Finally you need to add your web site url on Google+. To do that do to this url‎  and under “Contributor to” section add your web site and save it.

Now its done 🙂 It will take sometime to appear your picture and details on Google search but you can view if its working or not with Google’s own rich snippet viewer




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