How to add SSL certificate to WHM login

by Ruchira on May 28, 2013


I’m using a free SSL certificate bought from StartSSL on one of my WHM Cpanel hosted web site. Unfortunately StartSSL’s free SSL certificate isn’t wild card cert. It means that it cant be used domain wide ( ex- , ). I have added my StartSSL certificate to one of my domain which hosts a billing panel. And we all know that SSL certificates requires an dedicated IP so its just a waste of an IP to get another SSL certificate and install it to secure WHM and CPanel access. But I wanted to secure those connections without using a self signed certificate. Here’s how I did it,

Note – This guide assumes that you already have a SSL certificate installed to one of your sites hosted on the server. If you haven’t, Read this to find out how you can install SSL certificate on a WHM/Cpanel server.

  • Log in to WHM and navigate to “Manage Service SSL certificates” its under “Service Configuration” sub section.
  • Click “Install New Certificate” on “cPanel/WHM/Webmail Service”
  • Now click “Browse” under the “Domain this CRT is for” and choose the domain name that got a SSL cert already installed.
  • Click “Use Cert” button and that’s it!



Now you can access the secured WHM and Cpanel pages by visiting or :2083

You don’t have to use self signed certificates any longer with this method 🙂

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