Adsense deducted earnings?

by Ruchira on September 11, 2010

If you own some web sites and published of adsense most of you might be noticed a deduction¬† of your adsense earnings since past 2 days. If you didn’t noticed till now log in to adsense and check your earnings report “since last payments” or “all the time” you might notice some bucks disappeared from your adsense account not all publishers but most of them seems have this problem. If you check digitalpoint forum you can see that lots of users complaining about this. For me I have lost about $15. Google displays a notice mentioning they is a maintenance process going on.


This problem might be temporary and might be solved after the maintenance because google still didn’t provided any information about this. So l’ll keep you updated about the issue!

Update- Google now listed the problem on their main issues page! here is the reply from adsense team about the issue!

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