Adsense Secure Express delivery postal code problems

by Ruchira on July 6, 2012

I have lost some of my letters and parcels from ebay on past few weeks, So I have recently opted to receive my Google Adsense checks via “Secure Express Delivery” which is said to be secure and delivered by DHL express delivery which is really fast.Despite the cost of $25 which they charge for this service it was really worth it because of the issues I was having receiving things on normal post.

So the time went by and they have issued the payment via this secure express delivery. And it took 4 days for google to list the tracking number on adsense payments page after the day, they said that, they have issued the payment.

So I have entered the tracking number on the DHL express mail tracking service and it said destination area “”Hanbantota” which is about 300KM away from my place.

Actually it says

Destination Service Area:  COLOMBO – HANBANTOTA – SRI LANKA

So does this mean Colombo to Hanbantota? This is what i thought in the first place. This was on the second day and I was opted for SMS alert updates from DHL ( great features by the way kudos to DHL ) And on the next day I have received a SMS at around 4PM saying “Delivery arranged, No details expected” .

I was waiting and I didn’t received anything on that day, So curiosity has increased in my mind and I have called DHL around 10PM. A polite customer service guy answered quickly and asked my waybill number  ( tracking number ) . I have told him that my online tracking shows destination is Hanbantota and asked if there is any problem on that.

He told me, yes the sender has put the address as Hanbantota. I have explained him its sent by automatic system and I dont even know how Hanbantota came to that. And he assured me its the way that sender put there. And he confirmed that they have already handed the letter to their Hanbantota office and I will have to wait until its getting returned from there, So they can deliver to my correct address again.  And he have asked my correct address and noted it down.  But he also told me that whole process can take about 3 or 4 days and If I don’t like that I can come pick it up at their central office. Since I don’t have hurry for this I have told him that I will wait .

Back to the Topic

How the hell it was destined for “Hanbantota” at first place? This was the ultimate problem. I have told this to one of my friend and he have experience in receiving checks via express delivery and he has suggested me that google must have messed this up.  And when DHL guy was asking me the correct address to send the letter, I have told him the correct address and the postal code, And when I told him the postal code he seemed to ignore it and when I said it for the second time he said “No we don’t need it”.

And when I looked over the DHL shipping terms and conditions I have found this

Shipments cannot be delivered to PO boxes or postal codes.


What Happened

So I understood what happened here, since DHL doesn’t use postal codes, Google converted the postal code, my correct postal code is 11715 and Hanbantota postal code is 82000. This is way off to be mistaken and I have tried to find any online source which converts 11715 to Hanbantota and I have yet to found one.

So I don’t really understand what google used for this conversion. And there is really no way of reaching out to google to solve these problems.  Its better if google can give us some kind of customer support since this is a premium service and everyone including google makes money from it. I don’t still understand why google doesn’t provide customer support for services like adsense.


Kudos to DHL

DHL did a impressive job handling this issue. And their service is too great. They have took the commitment and sent me the letter within 2 days that I have informed them and didn’t charged my for the senders mistake. ( I dont know if they charge the sender for these problems or not. But I think they probably dont )


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1 Tajul Islam September 22, 2012 at 6:40 AM

Nice info,,,, I think and I agree with you.


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