AMD annouces Opteron 6300 series 16 core processors

by Ruchira on November 5, 2012

While AMD seems to loose the desktop processor market share, it still has traction on datacenter markets, That’s why they continue to push limits on its Opteron series processors. Today AMD has unveiled the Opteron 6300 series which goes up to 16 cores on Opteron 6376 and up


6300 series is the successor to previous Opteron 6200 and its AMD’s take on to the beastly Xeon E5-2690, benchmarks on AMD does prove that its much close to the E5-2690 and price wise AMD wins hands down




As you can see at that price point its hard to beat the AMD, 16 cores means it can deliver more parallel performance for the server applications and virtualization nerds love opterons since long time because of this reason. The new 6300 series is based on socket G34 it brings more advantage versus intel’s ever changing socket types.

You can find 6300 series model and price comparison below

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