ATI HD5870 Photos and Benchmark leaked

by Ruchira on September 10, 2009

here goes another leaked post! lol This is interesting AMD is going to rule the computer world. Few days ago AMD 12 Core processors rumored now yesterday 09th September few photos of AMD’s upcoming VGA card named HD5870 Photos leaked and one dude posted a crysis benchmark. Previously fake photos of HD5870 leaked and most probably they are edited from the pics of HD4870. But these pictures can be 99% possible images of reference engineering sample. So here goes them-
AMD HD5870
5870 forum.

Crysis benchmark-
HD5870 Crysis Benchmark scores (core frequency is higher than the retail version)
CPU:AMD Phenom II X4 955BE CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955BE
Win 7 RTM Win 7 RTM
VGA:HD5870 1GB VGA: HD5870 1GB (core frequency is higher than the retail version)

Crysis 1900×1200 4AA+16AF DX10 Very High Crysis 1900×1200 4AA +16 AF DX10 Very High
min:30.** min: 30 .**
avg:43.** avg: 43 .**
max:54.** max: 54 .**

source-chiphell forum.

So this most possible benchmark says that Crysis got OWNED by AMD’s new beast HD5870 . But Nvidia’s GT300 series yet to come and will see how the competition goes! 🙂

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