What is Autoblog?

by Ruchira on September 10, 2010



Autoblogging means blogging automatically. It doesnt need a blogger to make posts. Autblogs grab its posts from internet via RSS feeds and various methods.

The admin can set the topics or RSS feeds first and the autoblogging sytem ( A wordpress plugin) grabs the content about the topic from feeds and posts then posts them automatically on mentioned time. Autoblog’s can be set for update on desired times via a simple cron job.

All of successive autoblogs based on wordpress and runs various plugins to do the autoblogging. There is no difference between the regular blogs wordpress core platform and the autoblog’s platform. only the plugins do the work.


The main problem of the autoblog is it cant produce unique content but new premium autoblogging plugins state that they can do the magic by mixing various posts in to a one post. But there are many of free autoblogging plugins available for download free such as the the plugin “WP-O-matic”  its my favorite autblogging plugin. It doesn’t produce unique content but it can set for replacing pre-mentioned keywords.

For example think the plugin set to grab content from www.abc.com and on some original posts done by abc.com includes the word www.abc.com , The plugin can be set to replace the word or urls with your pre-mentioned words.

Think your plugin grabbed this post from www.abc.com and it includes the following sentence

“For more information please dont forget to subscribe www.abc.com RSS feeds”

Then the plugin will replace it like this

“For more information please dont forget to subscribe www.ruchirablog.com RSS feeds”

Note- The replacing words must be set first in options panel on the plugin!

So after spending few hours for your autblogs setup you can get maximum out of it. There are some premium plugins do advanced work like “WPREMIX” but I like free plugins because they can do the great wwork id its optimized well. And the disadvantage of autoblog’s are its hard to built google rank and traffic because google doesn’t like copy paste content on your site.

But you can get some direct visitors if you be more productive and smart. Like bringing all the famous tech blog to one blog. And simple editing on hand will do a better job!

So be smart and and think small its the best path for success!

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