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by Ruchira on March 2, 2013

omega rom



I have owned Galaxy SIII for about 8 months now. And as a advanced user I like to change my Rom periodically not just because things get boring quickly for me but also to try out different and exciting things which can be done on my device. Speaking of my previous devices I had Galaxy SII and Galaxy S. Those days Touchwiz was crap and it was nothing more than a skin. I have flashed a custom ROM just after 2 hours when I got my SII just because I hated touchwizz.

But things are different now. Touchwizz isn’t just a skin its like different version of android since there are many useful and proprietary features built in to it like S voice, S beam, Smart stay , Multi window capability so on. Flashing a AOSP rom on your Galaxy SIII makes you lose all that extra functionality and its is not a wise solution unless you specifically like AOSP. Touchwizz has evolved a lot and I really like it, sure it makes your phone slow than running AOSP but the features it provide is simply unmatched.

Because of above reasons I never tried AOSP Roms but I did flashed my phone with many stock Samsung based Roms on my device. Best ROM I encountered is Omega ROM . Omega on its earlier stages had bugs and it was the first ROM that people recommended me to try out and I did so. however it wasnt that great and started to cause problems and time passes. Then I have flashed WannamLite,Android Revolution  ROMs and used those for more than a month each. But eventually things begun to slow down and stop working and because of this annoyance I really considered trying out AOSP based ROM but due to popularity of OMEGA Rom I decided to give a try again.

I’m really happy about how OMEGA evolved and its running on my device smoothly like day one for more than 2 months now. This is the most stable Rom I ever tried out and I recommend you to flash this first if you want to get your hands dirty with Galaxy SIII.

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