How to access Netflix,Pandora,Hulu,Iplayer without using a Proxy

by Ruchira on February 11, 2013





I have written many guides on how you can setup proxies and VPN tunnels to access the country restricted web sites such as Hulu,Netflix,Pandora,BBC Iplayer .  However those things comes at a cost and average internet users wont like to make their own VPN or Proxy. And another limitation of those is we need to have 2 servers in USA and UK to get access for all of above sites. Because if you only got a VPS based on USA and setup VPN on it, you wont be able to get in to BBC Iplayer. And if you got a UK based VPS you wont be able to access hulu,netflix and Pandora. So this is a costly solution

To overcome these issues, there is this new little browser addon called “Media Hint” it free and available for Chrome and Firefox. Setting it up is super easy as you just need to add the addon to the browser and that’s it. After adding, just head over to a one of above web sites and it will be available for your pleasure.

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1 tourshi February 12, 2013 at 6:51 AM

Is this any different to simply having a proxy? well I guess the simplicity is that it switches proxy for you automatically. Mediahint uses a server for the U.S. websites and then switches to a UK one for the UK and proxies everything back to you. Unless I’m misunderstanding how it works?

It’s cool anyway thanks for sharing.


2 Ruchira February 12, 2013 at 9:06 AM

I guess its some type of proxy server which only seems to be changing the request headers etc rather than just tunneling all the data.


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