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by Ruchira on April 18, 2013




Look what I got today on my email box


i need this type of placement could you do this?

1. We will provide php file with plugin source code
2. Webmaster will need to FTP to root folder of blog, then open folder wp-content/plugins
3. Webmaster will need to create folder ‘footerlinks’, then enter that folder and upload php file that we provided
4. Webmaster will need to log into blog admin area, click ‘Plugins’ in left menu, click ‘Installed’ in submenu, find plugin named ‘Footer Links’ and click ‘activate’ link
5. After that links will appear at the bottom of the blog like here  see our links in footer.Very simple work just 1,2 minut only,Our links show on your old ABOUT PAGE.

i can give you $175 for uploading our php file for 1 year time period only.

Let me know are you agree if you agree then send me paypal id please.

Waiting for your Answer



This email was sent from . Seems legit right? I even went to the given link and yes, there is a footer link box placed on that web site. But read the procedure! Its all wrong in many ways. Uploading a plugin like that is extremely dangerous. Doing that probably result in arbitrary code to be run on your web site by them and your host will be used to DDoS others and send Spam from your email etc.

By doing a Google search on this, it seems that this email common and in circulation these days. I understand that you might receive legitimate emails to share and purchase links. But this is simply wrong, don’t ever upload any plugins or any other code if you don’t trust it.

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