How to record skype video calls

by Ruchira on September 27, 2011

Having some special unforgettable skype video calls?  Then you might be interested in recording those video calls for later reference. There is a perfect solution for it called “SuperTinTin” yeah I know it sounds weird but does the thing.


Cloudberry Explorer review

by Ruchira on August 21, 2011

You may have seen my post  Amazon S3 review. Looks like it went viral and some famous amazon s3 managing software vendors commented on that post and some vendors sent emails to me asking to review them. Nadya from Cloudberry Explorer is one them. She asked me to review cloudberry explorer, Since I love freewares and […]


Have your ever wondered about the tiny little gyroscope thingy on your mobile phone? If you studied physics little bit on school you might already know that gyroscope is kinda amazing device. For gyroscope lesson hit this wikipedia link- Actually there are only very few apps which uses your amazing gyroscope sensor. One is […]

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This is hilarious and I cant stop laughing watching these videos and this soundboard makes me think of making some prank calls 😛


Add watermark to images on wordpress

by Ruchira on December 7, 2010

If you are a blogger and posts nice images on your posts you might have saw that google image search is bringing some traffic to your web site. And your images gets downloaded by readers and gets posted on other websites without even knowing you! Watermarking your images is nice way to get some traffic […]


If you are running wordpress in your vps or dedicated and if you are newbie to linux it will be hard to fix if something goes wrong. Also if your server is sending thousands of emails per day with wordpress and got blacklisted on gmail,yahoo accounts it will be real pain. And you will need […]


Text editor for programmers notepad++

by Ruchira on December 5, 2010

Editing simple HTML or PHP script with notepad is not actually very good practice because editing large code pages such as big CSS table is very hard with notepad even with “Word wrap” . And if you are on Windoze making linux bash scripts on notepad is terrible because it doesn’t saves unix bash script […]


Dude please read it again!

by Ruchira on October 29, 2010

Take a look at that comments list! They are commented on my all the time top performer post “Unlocking Huawei modem for free” I receive vast amount of traffic daily to that post! And I have written the whole procedure to unlock huawei HSDPA modems on that post. If you read it you will […]