What is Autoblog?

by Ruchira on September 10, 2010

  Autoblogging means blogging automatically. It doesnt need a blogger to make posts. Autblogs grab its posts from internet via RSS feeds and various methods. The admin can set the topics or RSS feeds first and the autoblogging sytem ( A wordpress plugin) grabs the content about the topic from feeds and posts then posts […]


Get a free mastercard

by Ruchira on September 10, 2010

Yes Mastercard means a prepaid credit card! Hurrah its free.. You can easily order and get this free. But you should pay about 9 US$ for its activation. What are the benefits of getting this? Its prepaid so risk free Not hard to get 100% free Can use for online transactions Its Mastercard No credit […]


Get free skype calls

by Ruchira on September 10, 2010

  People skype is wishing happy EID for you. And they are giving away free worldwide calls and you can call 30 minutes from that. Skype says they will deliver the coupons within next 3 days so request your now. HURRY Request your voucher


How to make fake adsense screenshot easy

by Ruchira on September 9, 2010

  If you need a fake adsense screenshot you dont need photoshop or any online image editing software because they makes it worse! Not only adsense but you can edit any thing in a web page by using this java script trick. Just visit the web sitel that you want to get a screenshot and […]


  Well, this is the second Down,UP story today and this time its piratebay the world famous torrent site! This is a quote from their official blog. PLZ LEARN: TPB CANT BE SHUT DOWN LOL! AS U MITE HAS READ OR NOTICD, PEEPS ONCE AGAIN R TRYIN 2 SHUT US DOWN. DIS WILL NOT SUCCED, […]


Add email subcriptions on feedburner!

by Ruchira on September 7, 2010

  If you have blog you might be using Feedburner for your RSS feeds. Feedburner has become a standard in blogging these days. But Its nice if you have some kind of email subscription method for your readers right? Unlike paid complicated news letter delivery services you can use feedburner to deliver email feed to […]


Insert Adsense in to current wordpress posts

by Ruchira on September 6, 2010

There are lots of Adsense plugins for wordpress and you can use then to add adsense ad boxes to your new posts easily like adding a php tag like <–adsense–> yes its easy than adding the whole code to your posts because it requires time. So what if you have wordpress blog with hundreds of […]

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Ways to fast up image serving

by Ruchira on September 3, 2010

Post is going to be bit out of topic I’m going to write about the advantages of hosting your images inside your host for your websites without using external image host like imageshack,tinypic If you are a webmaster who owns a blog or a web site hosting your images on external image host will help […]