How to setup DNS with kloxo

by Ruchira on September 23, 2010

If you dont know about how to install kloxo you may read this article first-   Configuring DNS is nasty job if you are newbie for linux. Installing Nginx is more easy than configuring DNS and other type of records like MX records for mail and C name records. If you are newbie best […]


How to setup name servers with godaddy

by Ruchira on September 23, 2010

Ok, This post is a part of my upcoming post about setting up DNS with kloxo. I know most of guys know about doing this but I thought I should write this for newbies. So lets begin, If you host your website on shared host like dreamhost they will give you name servers like NS1.DREAMHOST.COM […]


Facebook kills Myspace ?

by Ruchira on September 23, 2010

Few years ago myspace was very popular and on the news papers all over the world. But now? Facebook leads the game and all the good and bad things happening on facebook. I can find many articles per week about facebook and facebook related things but guess what I never found a thing related to […]


Experience the cloud servers for free! 14 day trial!

by Ruchira on September 22, 2010

Its very interesting to know about cloud computing and use it. These days most of resource hog high visitor web apps and web sites use Could services like Amazon EC2 to speed up their services. If you are web site administrator and like to work with linux maybe you will probably like to experience the […]


I won google anniversary contest, Thanks google

by Ruchira on September 21, 2010

This is just to inform you! I just won £850,000 ( UK Pounds ) from google anniversary contest! Im so happy and now i can fulfill my dreams with this money. First I want to buy a Hummer. Yes today is the happiest day in my life! I thought I must share this info with […]


How to install torrentflux on centos 5.5

by Ruchira on September 17, 2010

  This is a guide to install (torrent seedbox)torrentflux latest 2.4 on centos 5.5 from scratch! you dont need to know anything because all the steps are clearly provided so don’t hesitate to follow these steps.


Subscene best place for subtitle downloads

by Ruchira on September 17, 2010

If you have downloaded a movie or tv show and want more support for understanding its language the best way is subtitles. On most DVD’s subtitles are built in or we can choose which subtitle language to display. but if you download a *.AVI or kind of Movie you will need to manually find subtitles […]


Google indexes my site within a minute!

by Ruchira on September 12, 2010

I have hard time with google in past months because google took more than 4 days to index my posts. After publishing post it seemed googlebot is visiting the post instantly but it took more than 4 days to add my post to its search index. But now guess what google begun to publish my […]