Running Linux on 8bit microcontroller

by Ruchira on April 22, 2013

  Yesterday I was stumbled upon an amazingly cool project which is running linux on 8bit micro controller. ATmega 1284P is used as the processor which has a operating frequency of 20Mhz and built on 8Bit AVR architecture. The minimum requirements to run linux kernel is mentioned as 2MB RAM and 80386 processor (32bit) on […]


Xen moves in to Linux Foundation

by Ruchira on April 17, 2013

      Xen is the beloved Linux virtualization platform of huge cloud players such as Amazon, Rackspace cloud, Linode etc. Xen was previously a community sponsored project of Citrix. Now Linux Foundation has taken over the development. As written on the official Xen blog Almost a year ago, I floated the idea within Citrix of finding a non-profit […]


Server uptime world record

by Ruchira on April 2, 2013

  If you are a sysadmin or if you have worked with servers I bet you might have wondered whats the longest uptime a server ever had. Look above, The bar is now set at 6030 days which is about 16 years. Its running Netware v3.12 which is built to share files and printers over […]


What if you can convert the $999 Nvidia GTX 690 in to a $3000 Tesla K10 ? or $1750 Quadro K5000? Yes you can. hacker community is blown up today thanks to a Australian hacker who found out a very easy way to do that. Engineering and manufacturing any kind of processor is really expensive and hardware […]


Are you working on Arduino on your Ubuntu environment? If you are using it for the first time you might get face a problem that, Ubuntu doesn’t detect your Arduino board and you cant select the serial port by going to Tools -> serial Port because serial port is grayed out. Fixing this is easy. This happens […]


I made the switch to Ubuntu

by Ruchira on February 20, 2013

    Managing servers and messing with Unix like environments is my day job. However I have been using Windows on my desktop since the Windows 98 era. I have got a free Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog) way back in 2006 but it wasn’t exciting to me on those times. Those were the days people were rocking […]


Nvidia announces Tegra 4i with inbuilt LTE

by Ruchira on February 19, 2013

    Nvidia just announced the Tegra 4i processor which got integrated LTE chip on processor SoC. This is really good news because we all know that having to run separate LTE chip increases the power consumption and decreases all over efficiency because of many constraints by having to transport all the communication data in and out […]


PlayStation 4 rumors

by Ruchira on February 6, 2013

    PlayStation 4 rumors are getting hot everyday as Sony announced that they got something new to share with us on February 20th. We arent even sure if they are talking about a new PlayStation or it might be a launch of new Dualshock controller. Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai once told that Sony will release the […]