How to change SSH port on Centos,Ubuntu,Debian

by Ruchira on January 11, 2011

Keeping the default 22 SSH port is really a very bad practice. I have seen many people doesnt bother changing their SSH port even they configure many security features. In this short and sweet guide Im going to tell you how to change your SSH port to another. This guide applies for Ubuntu/Debian/Centos/Redhat O/S Attention- […]


Have you ever worried about your government,workplace,school or ISP limitations for web sites? Are you behind Great firewall of china? are you worried about browsing speeds with overloaded or slow web proxy services? HTTP proxies are the best solution for you. And with squid cache you can make a nice HTTP proxy for your personal […]


Is cloudflare really good solution?

by Ruchira on December 24, 2010

Cloud is the future and they says that Dedicated servers not reliable cloud cloud cloud its everywhere! How about cloud security + content delivery solution? Yes cloudflare is the rising star on that subject. Even providing free accounts so cant complain at all. Well I thoght hey I should checkout this with my blog. Then […]


Web hosting become nice business these days. I know people are saying this cloud computing age and shared and dedicated hosting are going to dead. I think 95% of people who has web sites doesn’t even know about the structure of cloud hosting. So shared hosting,vps and dedicated still rule the web hosting field! Here […]


If you are running wordpress in your vps or dedicated and if you are newbie to linux it will be hard to fix if something goes wrong. Also if your server is sending thousands of emails per day with wordpress and got blacklisted on gmail,yahoo accounts it will be real pain. And you will need […]


Simple PHP Web uptime script

by Ruchira on December 5, 2010

Having 100s days of server uptime with your shiny linux box? Wanna showoff like I want to do? 😛 Or want to monitor server uptime without SSHing to server? There is nice way to showoff your uptime in simple PHP script which requires nothing fancy changes on your linux box. Ill will display system time […]


My hosting journey

by Ruchira on December 2, 2010

I have hosted on many places until now. Lessons learned and things changed. Early times I didnt had money to buy hosting account so went with 1. 000webhost Actually good alternative if you dont have money to buy paid hosting. I have hosted Ruchirablog there for about a month. Not bad for free hosting. 2. […]

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