Recently the world famous Content Management system WordPress, is being updated with many new functions. After the release of the version 2.7 they released a new version called 2.7.1 which is a bug fixed version of 2.7 . but the problems not over. WordPress used to give more bugs. But most of bloggers didn’t noticed […]


Best free webhost to deal with

by Ruchira on June 9, 2009

I’m a person who tired of searching free web hosts on google for past 3 years. I remember those times that local companies sold 100MB web hosting packages for 3$ a month. I had a idea to launch a wap-site (Mobile phone access site) 3 years ago. But I didn’t found a free web host […]


Getting a free prepaid mastercard

by Ruchira on June 6, 2009

UPDATE- 29/06/2009 I received my master card today! Happy. 😀 Yeah Mastercard means a credit card! Hurrah its free.. You can easily order and get this free. But you should pay about 9 US$ for its activation. What are the benefits of getting this? Its prepaid so risk free Not hard to get 100% free […]


Youtube offers “Shows”

by Ruchira on May 28, 2009

Recently youtube begun to offer its new feature named "shows" it gives users the ability to watch Movie’s and TV Seasons free online. Cool isn’t it? You can watch bit old TV season episodes on there and they are improving day by day. But there are some location restrictions. 🙁 (Some countries cant view them) […]


How to get more twitter followers

by Ruchira on May 27, 2009

I think you knows about twitter and its treasure for the people who wants to make money with internet. If you dont know what is twitter please read my post about it here .The major problem for twitter users are its very hard to get followers that you dont know, I mean who is not […]


South Korean Broadband World’s Fastest

by Ruchira on May 26, 2009

All people who use internet would like to have maximum internet speed for the money they pay. But who gets that their advertised speed? Most of the people don’t get the speed as advertised by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). USA hosts the worlds biggest and largest Data Centers. Imagine Google’s container data center solution., […]

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Get a CO.TV Free domain

by Ruchira on May 24, 2009

While surfing on internet on last week I found out there is a new site called which offers free domains with C Name, MX & NS Zone compatibility. So I tried out their service and registered for their free domain and setup my name servers for free hosting account. Then I’m very impressed about […]


What is Twitter?

by Ruchira on May 23, 2009

So guys after launching my blog i decided to blog about the Twitter this is a introducing post about twitter for readers who don’t know what is it. After this I’ll blog about the various tool which can optimize your twitter experience. So this a main round up only. So twitter can be called as […]