Fake news can really drive traffic!

by Ruchira on January 11, 2011

Have you heard that facebook is going to shut down on march 15th ? Its fake but the news site published that news is gaining huge amount of traffic for last 48 hours. DAMN I wish I published that post 😛 Here is the link to the post Look at the alexa page about […]


Is cloudflare really good solution?

by Ruchira on December 24, 2010

Cloud is the future and they says that Dedicated servers not reliable cloud cloud cloud its everywhere! How about cloud security + content delivery solution? Yes cloudflare is the rising star on that subject. Even providing free accounts so cant complain at all. Well I thoght hey I should checkout this with my blog. Then […]


Looks like skype is back! :)

by Ruchira on December 23, 2010

Skype had major downtime for last 24-48 hours for more over 90% of their users including me! Well it was started 24 hours ago for me. My skype was freezing out about every 5 minutes and then it begun to log me out. I thought hey this might be problem in my computer like my […]

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Text editor for programmers notepad++

by Ruchira on December 5, 2010

Editing simple HTML or PHP script with notepad is not actually very good practice because editing large code pages such as big CSS table is very hard with notepad even with “Word wrap” . And if you are on Windoze making linux bash scripts on notepad is terrible because it doesn’t saves unix bash script […]


My hosting journey

by Ruchira on December 2, 2010

I have hosted on many places until now. Lessons learned and things changed. Early times I didnt had money to buy hosting account so went with 1. 000webhost Actually good alternative if you dont have money to buy paid hosting. I have hosted Ruchirablog there for about a month. Not bad for free hosting. 2. […]

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LNMP0.5.1RB released

by Ruchira on November 23, 2010

Well its really nice to see that my modified LNMP installer is getting nice popularity! And its also nice to see lots of people used this guide to setup their servers as of now. You all know this is modified script and original rights goes to . What I did is simple modifications to […]


Pagerank updates 2010

by Ruchira on November 5, 2010

Well, Pagerank is rotting these days. People keeps asking when? this week? next week? And most of people including myself now begun to hate pagerank because BigG looks like too lazy to push the Big Red button to update page ranks. Why I dont think google will just stop updating the pagerank, Pagerank is one […]


See how fast LNMP0.5RB with memcached

by Ruchira on November 4, 2010

I have done my full nginx setup guide any newbies can use this guide to install+configure all the necessary things to run their site within 30 minutes. This blog runs on LNMP0.5RB setup on 512MB  XEN VPS additionally memcached is installed to cache database and objects. Images hosted on amazon cloudfront to reduce disk usage […]