MediaFire is alive proof

by Ruchira on September 7, 2010

Update-As promised mediafire is back and working   It looks like mediafire is down now. Peeps are saying that Mediafire has been killed, after going through many secret non-publicized legal battles And some people says that mediafire is up for them but most of parts it inaccessible. But I have found nice proof of mediafire […]


Android+WM 6.5 Dual boot phones

by Ruchira on September 5, 2010

How about dual booting Android 2 and windows mobile 6.5 I know you can do this on HTC HD2 but its too expensive and need ROM hacking. But chinese phone vendors has a cheap HTC HD2 looking solution. Yes that’s boot screen which lets you choose which OS to boot the phone!  3.2 inch TFT-LCD […]


Caffeine went live or SERP increase?

by Ruchira on September 3, 2010

Few days ago I noticed that traffic from google to ruchirablog went high. Its started about 29th april 2010. Now I can see that traffic continues to grow up. In past months many blogs and webmaster guide sites indicated that caffeine went alive but most of then looks like inaccurate information as google didn’t said […]


Hi, As of 2012/05/05 more than half million people have unlocked their modems using this method 🙂 Update 2013 Looking for a method to unlock newer dongles such as E353, E173cs-1, E367 , E353 Wu-1, E353 Ws-2, E303 see this guide  I’m not asking money or donations in return, instead please “Like” my facebook page. Update 2010/03/03 […]


Top $200 Alternative to Apple Ipad

by Ruchira on April 14, 2010

If you think Ipad is nothing more than Android OS ,Wifi and its mobility. And if you think that Apple Ipad’s super bright glossy screen and super duper touch screen are not important to you (however this alternative device is touch screen device). Chinese Market has a better solution for you for just $200 at […]


ReactOS solution for windows XP fever!

by Ruchira on April 13, 2010

React operating system is the best solution if you are addicted to windows XP and cant make up your mind for linux interface. React OS is not based on linux kernel like many of other operating systems do but its interface really looks like Windows XP Their site says- ReactOS® is a free, modern […]


Google goes picnik

by Ruchira on March 3, 2010

Google announced that it has acquired another small company today, According to sources the financal side not yet revelaed but Picnik employs 20 people and its 5 years old site which provides online photo editing facility to its users. The 20 employees have already joined other Google staff at the Googe office in Seattle […]

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