How to install Viber on PC or Mac

by Ruchira on May 7, 2013

Whatsapp is dominating the mobile market. I have used both but immediately fell in love with Viber because of its free call function unlike Whatsapp which is only a instant messaging service. I have wrote how you can install Whatsapp on PC but getting Viber to run on an Android emulator is nightmare. Fear no more, Viber has […]


Debian 7 “Wheezy” released

by Ruchira on May 5, 2013

    Debian is the choice of sysadmins for stability, low memory footprint and great community support . Debian is here since long time than Centos or RHEL. And its the father of Ubuntu. Debian 7 Wheezy finally got released today and the most important feature in this release is included multiarch support. This means that both […]


Norton Ghost discontinued

by Ruchira on May 4, 2013

    Norton Ghost is a software which makes life easier for a sysadmin or anyone who works with computers. It allows users to create a block level disk backups and restore it with ease. That means if you have to deploy several computers with the same configuration or if you need to keep a […]

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Running Linux on 8bit microcontroller

by Ruchira on April 22, 2013

  Yesterday I was stumbled upon an amazingly cool project which is running linux on 8bit micro controller. ATmega 1284P is used as the processor which has a operating frequency of 20Mhz and built on 8Bit AVR architecture. The minimum requirements to run linux kernel is mentioned as 2MB RAM and 80386 processor (32bit) on […]


Xen moves in to Linux Foundation

by Ruchira on April 17, 2013

      Xen is the beloved Linux virtualization platform of huge cloud players such as Amazon, Rackspace cloud, Linode etc. Xen was previously a community sponsored project of Citrix. Now Linux Foundation has taken over the development. As written on the official Xen blog Almost a year ago, I floated the idea within Citrix of finding a non-profit […]


.PW domains! Register yours for just $4

by Ruchira on April 3, 2013

  .pw domain name registrations are now open. pw is the ccTLD of Palau but its re-branded as professional web. offers .pw domains for just $4 a year and there are nice combinations you can make with .pw domains 🙂  Here are the conditions of registering a .pw domain Assigning: .PW domains are open to everyone Syntax: from […]


    Worlds biggest known DDoS attack is currently happening. Targeted at SpamHaus anti spam projects web servers and this is caused to slow down the entire internet because attack already reached 300Gbps yes you read that right! Attack believed to be originated from German Data center service provider CyberBunker  because of ongoing allegations between SpamHaus […]


What is BitTorrent Live?

by Ruchira on March 27, 2013

    Bram Cohen, BitTorrent founder recently applied for a patent on shiny new peer to peer streaming service called “BitTorrent live”.  BitTorrent live is born after many years of experimentation on how to stream live video without unnoticeable delay for the viewers.  I assume that you know how BitTorrent protocol work. On BitTorrent everyone who downloads a file […]