Blackberry unveils all new Blackberry Z10 and Q10

by Ruchira on February 1, 2013

  Blackberry has unveiled its newest Blackberry 10 platform and two all new phones namely the Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10. This is the blackberry’s answer to the growing Android and iPhone market with total revamp from top to bottom. While Blackberry Q10 being the BB Bold like phone, the Blackberry Z10 gives you a […]


LxAdmin Kloxo web hosting panel used to be the go-to free control panel among the community years ago. Now its more than 3 years since I published my guide on how you can install the kloxo control panel on your server. On those days kloxo was really popular because of its simple but yet premium […]


Samsung announces Exynos 5 Octa Processor

by Ruchira on January 9, 2013

  Samsung just announced its all new Exynos 5 Octa processor at CES 2013. Its the first processor design to employ the ARM’s “big.LITTLE” concept which uses 4, A15 cores and 4, A7 cores on the same die.  This makes smartphones,tablets and even laptops built with this new processor to handle tasks with extreme speed […]


Facebook pages used bring us cool amount of traffic in the past. But now things have changed and facebook has decided to make money by making the page owners to spend money and promote their post, if they want to deliver it to the whole page member base. Impact is huge if you used to […]


Nvidia announces Tegra 4

by Ruchira on January 7, 2013

    Nvidia just announced its brand spanking new Tegra 4 processor at CES 2013. It keeps the same 4 + 1 Core architecture and its the first announced Cortex A15 processor built on 28nm fabrication process.  It features 72 GPU cores and Nvidia is claiming that’s 6X fast than the Tegra 3 from last year.


Touch optimized Ubuntu is coming

by Ruchira on January 1, 2013

  Since microsoft’s introduction of touch optimized windows 8, Ubuntu must have felt that its behind the game and that’s exactly why a touch based Ubuntu is being teased to be coming on January 2nd 2013. Currently the teaser is up and running on counting down time to release ( or maybe announcement? ) .


TOR exit node owner raided in Austria

by Ruchira on November 30, 2012

With the ever increasing rules on Internet copyrights and content sharing rules, running a TOR exit node is like waving hand to hackers and law enforcement agencies. This is what happened to a man who operates multiple TOR exit nodes on Europe. Named William Weber who lives on Austria got his apartment raided by LKA […]


While AMD seems to loose the desktop processor market share, it still has traction on datacenter markets, That’s why they continue to push limits on its Opteron series processors. Today AMD has unveiled the Opteron 6300 series which goes up to 16 cores on Opteron 6376 and up