Ruchirablog gets new design for 2011 :)

by Ruchira on January 14, 2011

For about a year I had mystique wordpress theme on my blog and it was really nice theme! But it was too popular and used by many bloggers as their wordpress theme. So its not very good to have a theme like that for branding purposes no matter what quality things that you post eye […]


There are many bad bots in Internet. Some of them scans your server ports some of them tries to inject malicious codes and cookies. And also there are many methods to block those unwanted bots. Everyone doesn’t have money to get a hardware based firewall to protect their servers, Some companies claims that they have […]


Fake news can really drive traffic!

by Ruchira on January 11, 2011

Have you heard that facebook is going to shut down on march 15th ? Its fake but the news site published that news is gaining huge amount of traffic for last 48 hours. DAMN I wish I published that post 😛 Here is the link to the post Look at the alexa page about […]


Have you ever worried about your government,workplace,school or ISP limitations for web sites? Are you behind Great firewall of china? are you worried about browsing speeds with overloaded or slow web proxy services? HTTP proxies are the best solution for you. And with squid cache you can make a nice HTTP proxy for your personal […]


Is cloudflare really good solution?

by Ruchira on December 24, 2010

Cloud is the future and they says that Dedicated servers not reliable cloud cloud cloud its everywhere! How about cloud security + content delivery solution? Yes cloudflare is the rising star on that subject. Even providing free accounts so cant complain at all. Well I thoght hey I should checkout this with my blog. Then […]


Most valuable wordpress plugin ever!

by Ruchira on December 14, 2010

Have you ever wondered what is the most valuable wordpress plugin in your blog? For me its “Subscribe to comments” by the developer mark jaquith. subscribe to comments does a great job increasing your visitors and building discussions on your posts. It integrates with 95% of wordpress themes without additional work than enabling the plugin […]


Track online users live in your wordpress blog!

by Ruchira on December 7, 2010

Its really cool thing to track your online visitors live (how many visitors online at the moment and what they are browsing) for me it force me to blog more! Some web statistic programs like sitemeter can be used to do this trick but they not most accurate because its cookie based tracking! For wordpress […]


Add watermark to images on wordpress

by Ruchira on December 7, 2010

If you are a blogger and posts nice images on your posts you might have saw that google image search is bringing some traffic to your web site. And your images gets downloaded by readers and gets posted on other websites without even knowing you! Watermarking your images is nice way to get some traffic […]