Skype stops support for windows mobile

by Ruchira on April 16, 2010

Skype is not available for windows mobile now.  For me is disaster because I love windows mobile so much because its multitasking capability compared to junk iphone. My Samsung Blackjack II which is on windows mobile 6.1 can run 13 applications by default simultaneously However few months ago Skype announced that they stopped supporting for […]


Top $200 Alternative to Apple Ipad

by Ruchira on April 14, 2010

If you think Ipad is nothing more than Android OS ,Wifi and its mobility. And if you think that Apple Ipad’s super bright glossy screen and super duper touch screen are not important to you (however this alternative device is touch screen device). Chinese Market has a better solution for you for just $200 at […]


BurstNet VPS Review

by Ruchira on March 2, 2010

  This blog is hosted on Dreamhost proudly. But for high traffic web sites shared hosting is not enough. I have proxy site which consumes lots of resources to run because high traffic. So hosting on VPS (Virtual Private Server) or in Dedicated server is must need. After trying loads of scammers in Digitalpoint […]