Vine has gained lots of loyal users since it started just few months ago. Vine isn’t really a ground braking concept but surprisingly its now used by many users worldwide. Personally I think 6 seconds isn’t enough for a video. Instagram has definitely felt the need to do something like Vine and today it launched […]


Bootstrap online editor

by Ruchira on March 1, 2013

As a web designer you should have heard about bootstrap. Its free and websites built with it looks great. However it might take little bit of work for you to get used to it. However if you wish to start with the easy way, there is Jetstrap    

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by Ruchira on October 17, 2010

Google’s most recent product url shortener released few weeks ago for public use. People love to use google services including me. Previously I have used and its great service because its user interface is great and provides details of how many users click the url and provides dashboard for members. But now […]

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Track your clickers with

by Ruchira on April 16, 2010

If you  are microblogging your urls of blog posts or other web stuff on twitter or other type of sites there is a easy way of tracking amount of clicks that you got for that url.That’s by using free account. But there is light disadvantage on that because you will loss attraction in to […]

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How much does your Twitter worth?

by Ruchira on August 19, 2009

Well all of us know that Twitter is good marketing tool and eve money maker. So if you have thousand’s of followers here is a too to check the worth of your twitter account! So according to it my twitter account worth this 😛 So I dont say that this is the real worth of […]


Another Twitter follower tool

by Ruchira on June 2, 2009

I have told you guys a twitter mass follower tool to follow more people and get followers for us. Click here if you didn’t saw it. So I presume you have done those steps and now have a good understanding about twitter and its abilities. Click here to see the post about what is twitter. […]