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by Ruchira on May 15, 2013


You can use things like Dropbox to backup your files and stuff. But if you need more storage than regular free Dropbox account’s give you, you have to spend $9.99 per month to purchase Dropbox premium 100GB account. But that price is not justifiable if you are a sysadmin ūüôā . What if you can get more than Dropbox type storage for the same price?

VPS’s ( Virtual Private Server ) are so cheap these days. And some of the¬†providers¬†give us plenty of storage for just a few bucks a month. If you go for VPS other than just a Dropbox premium, possibilities are endless. You can run your own type of Dropbox on it ( OwnCloud ). Ill cover about setting up OwnCloud on the next article or so. And you can even setup TorrentFlux¬†¬†and run remote desktop¬†on the same VPS so you can download stuff to your storage using web browser etc.

This guide is a part of “ultimate storage VPS guide” and on this Ill mention some decent¬†providers¬†to purchase VPS’s for this task







Ramnode is just great! This own blog is hosted on Ramnode right now and I will cover why on a later post. Ramnode has a nice line of SSD Cached OpenVZ VPS’s for cheap.¬†For¬†just $9.75 a month you can get

1024MB RAM
1024MB VSwap
4 CPU Cores @ 2.3GHz+
150GB SSD-Cached HDD Space
1Gbps Port
3000GB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Address (+1 FREE)
16 IPv6 Addresses

150GB of space is enough for most of the people. Visit¬† and choose the SSD Cached OpenVZ, and you will have the choice of choosing Seattle or Atlanta location. I have VPS’s on both location and they are just great. Aforementioned plan is the 1GB one and stock price is $15 on that. Use the coupon code “LET35” to apply 35% off so the price becomes $9.75. You can always choose smaller plans but bear in mind that you will need¬†at least¬†512MB of RAM if you wish to run remote desktop and torrent clients.







BuyVM is another great provider that I can vouch for. I have a VPS with them which I use for VPN and they too have nice offers on high storage plans. Go to and select Storage section. They offer 250GB of space on 256MB KVM VPS for just $7 a month. And they offer Windows 2003 server licenses for free. But like a said above get at least 512MB VPS to run remote desktop smoothly. If you just want to use OwnCloud 256MB is fine.

My recommendation

As you can see Ramnode 1GB plan is best of both because it gives your VPS access to 4 cores whereas on BuyVM it is limited to just 1. And Ramnode uses SSD cache on regular HDD’s. So its faster than BuyVM. If you need performance, go with Ramnode, But if you need more Storage go with BuyVM. Both are very stable companies that you can trust.

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