Chinaman! Best soundboard Ever! Prank call superstar

by Ruchira on March 19, 2011

This is hilarious and I cant stop laughing watching these videos and this soundboard makes me think of making some prank calls 😛

So whats this all about?

You heard about prank calls right? 😉 But most of them aren’t  make us laugh they are boring sometimes. But believe me this “Chinaman” never made me boring listening to his calls on youtube.

To be more informative there is a thing called soundboard. Nothing magic but its a like little program which makes sounds when you click specific buttons on the board. Just like the buttons on Organs (key board) make drum sounds when you click them. So in this example sounds can belong to some popular characters speech. Which lets you sound like that person.

So in this prank call world there are many soundboards can be found which makes sounds or speech phrases of popular persons like Micheal Jackson etc.

Easiest way to make prank calls is using your PC because you can easily let other party hear your soundboards sounds without hooking anything up to your PC to your Phone’s microphone. You can use skype or any kind of VOIP software for this.

Take a look at embedded soundboard on top ( Its property of ). Thats the best soundboard for prank calls which I ever found. When you click on the phrases it makes sounds. Actually you need some practice before making real prank calls using this because it needs sometime to remember where are the correct phrases to answer to other party immediately when you are on the call.

You can find many videos done using chinaman soundboard and other soundboards on youtube!

My god this is hilarious! I cant stop laughing hearing this chinaman!

You can find many soundboards on

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1 Im spam March 24, 2011 at 5:13 AM

Good soundboard you shared here with us.


2 devon July 30, 2011 at 9:45 PM

nice calls!

Black pride. Worldwide.


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