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by Ruchira on August 21, 2011

You may have seen my post  Amazon S3 review. Looks like it went viral and some famous amazon s3 managing software vendors commented on that post and some vendors sent emails to me asking to review them. Nadya from Cloudberry Explorer is one them. She asked me to review cloudberry explorer, Since I love freewares and I was using cloudberry explorer already to manage my S3 instances I thought I should write a review about them.

I begun to use Amazon S3 last year and now its more than 1 year since I’m using amazon s3 to hold files for my web sites. And on the first day I signed up for amazon s3 I felt in need of a nice and fast interface to manage my files on s3. Main reason for that is AmazonAWS Console is too slow and the the console slowness is a common fact on amazon aws. They need to work on that or provide native pc/mac client to manage s3 and other AWS services.

Because of those problems I searched Google for a nice amazon s3 managing software. And first I got firefox addon called S3Fox and it wasn’t worked for me for some reason. And I even tried the limited freeware called S3 Browser and the limitations of the free version moved my hands away from using that.

Finally I found the Cloudberry explorer and from the first impression I was amazed and simply it turned out that this is the one and only thing that I need to manage all things with my amazon s3.




With cloudberry Explorer its very easy to upload files to amazon s3 and manage them as you see with the image above. When I upload images to s3 for the purpose of posting them on web Cloudberry explorer came in handy because there is a option to generate the web link within the software and its really a time saver to me because after upload the image I can get the link by just 3 mouse clicks.


















So really cloudberry explorer is really a nice software which did everything that I expected and I needed. There is a advanced pro version and I really recommend buying the pro version for advanced options and as props to these guys. Its really worth it but if you are just a regular user to tight in budget the free version is more than fine! 🙂


Checkout them at –

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