Is cloudflare really good solution?

by Ruchira on December 24, 2010

Cloud is the future and they says that Dedicated servers not reliable cloud cloud cloud its everywhere!

How about cloud security + content delivery solution? Yes cloudflare is the rising star on that subject. Even providing free accounts so cant complain at all.


Well I thoght hey I should checkout this with my blog. Then I have visited to find out more details about the service. And I was able to open cloudflare web site normally.( I think cloudflare is using their solution for their web site too, why not isnt it? 😛 )

Then I navigated to testimonials page and tried viewing one of web site. It loaded like normally and its not a blog. So I have looked for other testimonials to find a blog using cloudflare.

Then I found a blog using cloudflare then I decided to visit it by clicking link published on cloudflare testimonials page.


I dont know how they measured im infected? Probably like sixXs measure infected ips?

  • Whats disappointing?

When I tried first result on testimonials page I was successfully able to view the site without this funny message! But when I tried another BAM. So is this really reliable?

Decide yourself!


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1 PerfectZ Free web hosting December 27, 2010 at 2:53 AM

I would not agree with you completely. I used CloudFlare for a few time for my website and most of the result was really good. But unfortunately(for my bad luck), a little time after, it showed me my website is offline. Therefore I had to reverse my activity.

That’s my experience. But I am still recommending CloudFlare.
You asking why?
You need to configure it for your website and see it helps to reduce your server load. And also the page response time. I had a better ping time to my server also.

Check my blog post if interested:
(You can remove the link if you don’t like to have it. No worries though. 🙂 )


2 Ruchira December 28, 2010 at 9:24 AM

I have read it before! I read your blog and love your free hosting idea 🙂 And I read that you got heavy load with nginx when you switched your cpanel accounts. Well that happen because misconfiguration with apache. Im using only nginx on this blog and my blog doesnt have any cache for now ( I have disabled memcached caching to experiment adsense earnings change without cache because there are talks about cache and no cache difference between adsense earnings.)

And load impact free tests doent even make a blip to the site. this blog runs on 1Gbps pipe and I can see that load impact is pushing 8MB/s on cacti graphs but CPU load doesnt go more than 20% and stays at 1.5% on idle.
Best option to fasten websites is nginx or fully optimized apache but nginx is way ahead.
And also try pinging to

Finally, Why should I remove valuable source links? All I remove is spam! 🙂


3 esupun December 28, 2010 at 3:29 PM

Oh! Thank you for your comment on my free hosting service. 🙂 I didn’t knew you are keeping a eye on my blog as I do for yours. 😉 lol

And yes. You heard right about my issue with Nginx.(WHT. No?)
The issue wasn’t with the load. Nginx helped me to get out of the load actually.
The issue occured when I started hosting a social network which has good amount of traffic. When there is more than 100-200 clients on the whole server, the server stopped responding to the requests even though I’ve configured Apache max clients to 1000. This happened in most of the peak hours and brought me a lot of downtime.

You know, it’s not good for a host to have even a little downtime. So I removed Nginx and got back to Apache again even though I wanted to stay with Nginx. But I need to think about my whole client base, just as me.

I believe you are using the Nginx as a standalone application(not with cPanel). I know it works quite well. But this unofficial cPanel module – still have some issues.
I will not go for it again though I have a experimental mind. 😉 But I will buy a new server and will do all the experiments there and I will choose what is the best for me.

My server is also below 20% most of the time. But it runs to 40%-50% when R1Soft backup is running(it uses the CPU alot).

Anyway, thanks for the followup comment. 🙂 I must mention that I followed your lead till I got to your Alexa position. But I am still having a big education reading your blog. 🙂

Keep up the good work.


4 Ruchira December 29, 2010 at 2:55 AM

I should mention that my load gets to 20-40% when doing loadimpact tests it stays about 1-1.5% on idle. Yes Im running native nginx on ubuntu.

Your problem is not with nginx. That stop responding happens on php most of the time. Using PHP-FPM is nice idea to tweak php to get maximum of it. But nginxcp doesnt use php-fpm.


5 bagus January 7, 2011 at 5:52 PM

I would not recommend cloudflare because when I’m with them I always get the same warning like you when I try to access my website..I think they are trying to get some clicks on their adsense by showing those message.


6 Kevin February 25, 2011 at 9:33 AM

Actually you likely got this message because of spam messages being sent from the IP you are using. Project honey pot is one of the sources for their RBL data and it has a number of Rolex spam message form the IP you mention above. While cloudflare is far from perfect, before blaming a security company maybe you should blame your ISP.

Example Messages Sent From
From: <
Subject: For You
Subject: F


7 Ruchira February 25, 2011 at 9:11 PM

Do you think those spam databases are actually correct always? Thats far impossible!


8 Blah November 19, 2011 at 11:20 AM

Maybe you should write a script to check whether your IP is on CBL / XBL and cycle the address if it is :). Look zombie PCs are a nuisance and need to be blocked :).


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