What is CMS?

by Ruchira on June 17, 2009

CMS,Joomla,Wordpress those are some words we hear when dealing with web mastering and blogging. So what is a “CMS”? CMS stands for Content Management System which is used to manage the content on a web site. IT can be used for adding new content and managing the website easy.

  • Why do we need CMS?
  • The answer is simple. IF you are managing a web site and updating it daily with new content you will definitely need a content management system because such a large amount of content can’t be managed with dreamweaver or such kind of web designing software. You can do it but it will take your whole day and affect badly for search engine optimization “SEO”. because managing URL’s for hign number of pages is very hard. Fastly updating web sites such as news sites use custom CMS’s and other free CMS like “wordpress” .

    My blog is using wordpress to manage its content. If you are hoping to create a massive site with fast updating content don’t forget to use a CMS or your business will soon go down not high.

      Ruchira Sahan recommends wordpress because its very easy to customize!
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