Cpanel Certifications, definitely not for the faint hearted

by Ruchira on April 30, 2013



Have you ever heard of Cpanel certifications? There is a Cpanel entity called Cpanel University to offer you Cpanel proficiency certifications. Cpanel is really large player on the Server market and Certifications and certifications from them will really increase the value of your resume. Currently they offer 2 types of certifications Sales and Technical and each of those got 5 exam types. 

Technical Certification

  •  cPanel Base Certification::Technical (cPBC::Tech)
  •  cPanel L1-Professional Certification::Technical (cPPC::Tech)
  •  cPanel L2-Expert Certification::Technical (cPEC::Tech)
  • cPanel L3-Veteran Certification::Technical (cPVC::Tech)
  • cPanel L4-Master Certification::Technical (cPMC::Tech)

Sales Certification

  • cPanel Base Certification::Sales (cPBC::Sales)
  • cPanel L1-Professional Certification::Sales (cPPC::Sales)
  • cPanel L2-Expert Certification::Sales (cPEC::Sales)
  • cPanel L3-Veteran Certification::Sales (cPVC::Sales)
  • cPanel L4-Master Certification::Sales (cPMC::Sales)


cPanel Base Certification::Technical and L1: cPanel Base Certification:Sales , certifications are free to take with 4 attempts, and you will receive a printed certificate and online verification code with that.

When I found these information, I have tried the base technical test without any preparations at all and I didn’t got that far 🙂 Its actually a rough exam and for the basic test you should expect the command line questions. I thought there would be some basic Cpanel / WHM questions and quickly turned out that I’m wrong. If you have time just check them out and see if you can score the free cert 🙂

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