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by Ruchira on May 10, 2013


Contact forms are vital for many occasions other than just for web sites. Even if you don’t own a web site some times you might want to collect feedback from other people on internet forums, facebook and such. If you own a web site, it might be easier for you to create a contact form by a plugin or coding it yourself. But there is very easy way to create a contact forms without the requirement of coding or integrating.

Jotform Instant is designed to do the exact purpose, Forget the coding or finding a plugin part, Jotform Instant is really easy to use as their title says “Instantly Brewed Forms” . Visit their web site and you will be presented with variety of form creation choices. Don’t worry its really simple and initiative



You can set options like Hiding your email from the direct link , Choose how you want to use the form ( Embed on a web site or direct link ) and there are variety of form types to choose such as

  • Regular Contact Us forms
  • Event Registration
  • Paypal payment collections
  • Product orders
  • Job Applications
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Event Registrations

After you create a form with Jotform Instant, an email will be sent to you with a link to their main form editor web application which is located on their main web site which is . You have the ability to customize the text of the form etc. by visiting that link.

So how do they make money? Is this really a free service? Well glad you asked 🙂 100 form submissions per month are completely free of charge. That’s is sufficient for most of people but you can opt in for larger plans and those plans are listed on Jotform’s web site.

I have decided to add a simple contact form for this own blog, created with Jotform Instant and you can find this on

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