Creating the fastest proxy server in the world!

by Ruchira on March 4, 2010

Are you familiar with proxy servers? I mean online proxies like , ? If you are using Internet from school,workplace or if you are in China or Iran you will definitely know about proxy sites. Well if not its a tool which gets you access to blocked web sites in your place. Here is wikipedia article about it.

You can find many proxy sites in but even best proxy sites has one problem. They are damn slow because high loads and buggy servers etc. The best solution to this is to run your own proxy server if you need proxies most.

You can find many pre-written proxy scripts (like wordpress script) on google. best of them are phproxy,glype,zelune etc. But you need a good server to get the most out of it.

Now you have a great chance to host your proxy on worlds fastest servers yes its google servers. Now you can run your own proxy server on Google App Engine

I think I dont have to write the whole procedure because a blog post in has the all necessary steps to create your own proxy with images you can find it here-


Here are some disadvatages of your own app engine powered proxy-

  • Doesn’t support Flash
  • Doesn’t support javascript
  • Doesn’t support SSL

But they are not very big disadvantages when comparing with another proxies because 90% of them doesn’t support flash too.

The biggest advantage on this is the speed. You cant get this much browsing speeds on another proxies. So try it out!


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