Digg V4 is almost SHIT

by Ruchira on September 8, 2010

If you love digg these days must frustrating to you because digg version 4 upgrade is not performing well and its almost unusable and giving many errors by now.


We heard that digg’s main developers leaved the company and Kevin Rose is having hard time in developing digg. And Kevin Rose said they wont be rolling back to v3.


In kevin Rose’s blog he has a post about new change and lots of users commented negative on that post. Take a look atthis comment-

Rhys Williams 1 week ago

Kevin, it’s good of you to respond to the overwhelming criticism.
I’ve been an avid Digg user for about five years now. It had become a part of my daily routine. Every morning, the first thing I would do when viewing my iGoogle page is to scan through my Digg widget at the top stories. All throughout the day I’d have a quick browse of the latest stories, and the discussions beneath.
But, I’m was never an active user. Never submitted, barely ever commented. Had no followers and followed no one. Only dugg the best stories. I trusted the algorithms and my category filters to find interesting news stories for me from the home page.
This new Digg is different. It’s definitely geared towards social networking. When I first signed in I was greeted with this Facebook-esque screen recommending me companies to follow. I think this is the real crux of the problem many people have. The new homepage, the My News screen, is absolutely useless to me. The old Digg was focused mainly on the users. Now, it seems half the stories on the Top News page are automatically submitted articles by various companies; the BBC, engadget, arstechnica.. these sites I browse anyway; and already have RSS subscriptions too. If I want to view their articles I go to their websites. I don’t need Digg. Digg’s unique point for me was that I could find stuff from sources I had never heard of, on topics I had never imagined; all filtered by users who have different interests to me. It seems the algorithm is now gone.
It definitely seems that the website is now focused towards the large corporations, with heavy presences on the web. That was never why I liked Digg.
The UI I can live with. Some of the major aesthetic changes (like the changing of the, rather iconic, thumbs up and down buttons) I can get used to. The bugs will be ironed out (which seems to have already happened, props for that; I’m getting far less errors.) But it seems like the core of the website has changed, altered, into something which is of no use to me, and many other casual users. I don’t want another RSS feed, nor a social networking website. I just wanted a place where I can view an aggregate of interesting, unique, stories that will not only appeal to me, but also broaden my interests. All this chosen by the userbase.
Regards, and good luck.


Kevin Rose replied to his comment-

Kevin Rose 1 week ago in reply to Rhys Williams

Hi Rhys,

Thanks for the feedback. I hope to address many of your concerns w/upcoming releases, please ping me back in a month or two, a lot of this should be worked out.

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