Downside of Litespeed free version

by Ruchira on September 3, 2010

If you ran in to problems with apache like high cpu loads,bottlenecks,IO problems and stability problems you will think to migrate to a better webserver platform go going to a better dedicated server or vps. And easiest and non costly option is migrating to another webserver software.
But wait, What will be your choice for your apache intended sites probably it will be litespeed because litespeed is the only server that support rewrite .htaccess mod built in apache and litespeed has nice online GUI admin panel beating every free server platforms it gives out every needy information to manage your server unlike apache so anyone will love it. And its extremely easy to migrate to litespeed server if you currently hosted with apache ask google for steps you can do it in five mins or less. And you dont have to change your content single bit and you will get 100% transparent migration for litespeed.

But wait wait,

Apache is opensource so free litespeed to has free version lets compare versions according to litespeed home page.


LiteSpeed Web Server Editions PDF Print E-mail
Main Features Standard Enterprise
Download 15-Day Free Trial (2-CPU)
Cost Free Purchase
LiteSpeed Multiplexing Network Engine
Web Admin
Ruby/Rails LSAPI
JSP/Servlet AJP 1.3
FastCGI (PHP,Perl,Ruby,Java,Python)
CGI (PHP,Perl,Ruby,Java,Python)
SSL v2/3 + TLS v1
GZIP Compression
Static Loadbalancer
SNMP Monitoring
Cacti Integration
Auto Service Recovery
XML Configure Files
Throttle Per Client: Bandwidth
Throttle Per Client: Connection
Unlimited Virtual Hosts
Virtual Host Templates (Mass Virtual Hosting)
Sendfile() Support
Throttle Per VHost: Bandwidth + Connection No
Chroot/Jail No
Max Virtual hosts from Apache httpd.conf 5 Unlimited
Request Filter (mod_security) for Apache Virtual hosts No
Disk cache (mod_cache) Support No ( 2-CPU license and above)
Built-in Ruby on Rails Shared Hosting No
GeoLocation Targeting No
LDAP Authentication No
SSL Hardware Acceleration No
Max Concurrent Connections 150 Unlimited (500 for VPS license)
Fully Customizable Access Log No
Performance Good Optimized
Multi-Processor Scalability No
(D)DoS Protection Good Best
Download 15-Day Free Trial
Cost Free Purchase

Lets get to the topic,
Litespeed is the best server platform to migrate if you have problems with apache and its very stable and now litespeed is becoming a trend in shared web hosts.

So lets presume you intend to use free version,

  • If you face into Digg effect bam, litespeed only support 150 concurrent php connections maximum so if you got like 151 visitors to your website FLOP!!!
  • Only 5 web sites on your server! i dont think this is big problem because i think you dont run 100’s of sites in one server. But there are some folks who run 1000’s of sites on one server so FLOP

Lessons learned-

  • Just dont migrate to litesspeed free version if you have high loads with apache and many blogs and geeks written that there is no noticeable difference between apache and litespeed free version but there is huge advance in paid version
  • Dont buy litespeed paid version if you dont have much knowledge about what you doing because there are ways of optimizing apache to outperform any server platform
  • Use nginx as reverse proxy to serve html pages. it will reduce your load instantly for steps ask from google
  • Always be noticed about your visitor limit if you plan to use litespeed free version
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