New Ebay seller preferences driving me nuts

by Ruchira on March 18, 2011

Ebay is improving but there are some evil seller preferences available to sellers. One might say cant complain much about this because sellers have their right.
But look at this sale



This seller is only shipping to USA but most of the sellers on USA which listed they only ship to USA, agrees to ship it to other countries depending on buyers feedback and reasons.

So now this sellers stated that
“If you have any questions just ask & I’ll respond ASAP!!! Thanks”

But what happens when we try to contact most of these sellers?


This happens because the seller set their seller preferences to only allow questions sent from their preferred shipping country customers only. So other country customers cant contact seller for any reason. No matter seller said “Contact me for any questions” you cant contact him because of this evil permission!

Ill say this is no problem if they include a search field in ebay item “Advanced Search” because then we can filter out these evil permission set sellers. And will save us lots of time.

Believe me I have bought 4 items this week itself from sellers who stated they ship only to USA on their listing. Trick is asking the seller on ebay message, kindly and providing him details like shipping cost to our countries calculated on USPS ( )

75% of the times seller will agree to ship it to you. But 50% of ebay sellers who only ship to particular country set this evil permission to limit asking questions only for their shipping country customers. So what do you say shall we protest it? 😛

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