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by Ruchira on February 21, 2013

facebook graph search

Facebook’s graph search is slowing reaching out the people who opted in for the trial. Today it got enabled on my account and I got really excited to try it out. But my initial impression about the interface is not really good. Maybe its because this is just a trial run before phasing out for the whole user base, but when concerning about the UI I think facebook should have done better than this.



fb graph search logo



See the above screen shot, Facebook logo is now smaller and “Search for People, Places and things” is bigger than the logo. And its there all the time when you are on home page. Does it really need to be there all the time? It might go away after sometime and it might be there because im just new to this.  The font size is way bigger when comparing with other places on facebook, so its distracting to me. Remember that clicking on the logo is the way we used to navigate back to home page with news feed so seeking the logo without looking at it will be difficult unlike we used to.




See the above screen shot. That search bar on the home page turns in to a < title > display when we are browsing a profile,page or group. Is this really needed?  yeah no complaints about that because this looks like done for a purpose. see below


graph search search


Clicking next to the title display, makes it easy to find relevant information about the page or profile that you are on based on the suggestions. But see the size of those elements and the shapes of buttons. Those doesn’t really look Web 2.0 to me. Facebook should done the UI better than this.

While the real functionality of this graph search is really exciting the usability and importance to people is somewhat questionable. Its good to be there but do we really need it? Well I’ll save that rant for later when I got used to  🙂






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