Facebook kills Myspace ?

by Ruchira on September 23, 2010

Few years ago myspace was very popular and on the news papers all over the world. But now? Facebook leads the game and all the good and bad things happening on facebook. I can find many articles per week about facebook and facebook related things but guess what I never found a thing related to myspace in past months. Our dear Alexa shows how the trend is going for both sites and I thought I should publish some interesting facts that can be found on Alexa about Facebbok and Myspace.

Look at the graphs below. It shows how the traffic goes for both sites. Myspace graph is blue color and facebook is red!

And look at the 3 month traffic change for myspace


You might know about alexa toolbar. Its a adon that can be installed on firefox or internet explorer and it shows the traffic trend information and web site rank for the user and it also provides user traffic data for alexa. So alexa counts the sites that user visits and use them to create ranks for web sites.

So here is the alexa rank toolbar which displays me data about facebook take a look at the graph and how its sky rocketing –


And this is the myspace traffic info provided by my alexa toobar. Take a look at the myspace traffic graph too-




Conclusion- I think im not the only one who see those two alexa toolbar graphs published on top! Will Myspace dead in upcoming years? decision is yours!



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