Good times which Facebook pages brought traffic are over

by Ruchira on January 7, 2013

Facebook pages used bring us cool amount of traffic in the past. But now things have changed and facebook has decided to make money by making the page owners to spend money and promote their post, if they want to deliver it to the whole page member base.

Impact is huge if you used to get a huge amount of traffic by promoting your stuff on facebook pages and personally for me the “seen” count of my page wall posts has reduced by more than 90%. See some of my data below

This is before Facebook decided to make money from the groups



facebook promote



See those numbers? It reached for more than 2000 people and I only have about 3000 people on my page. And this is what happens after facebook gone evil and want to make more money


facebook traffic drop



As you can see the “seen” count has dropped drastically and it means no traffic at all from facebook, because the even it was seen by many the actual conversion rate is around 10-30% of that for a typical web site.

Its nice to have a option to promote the posts but this kind of drastic change is not so good for people who used to make money from these things.

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