See how fast LNMP0.5RB with memcached

by Ruchira on November 4, 2010

I have done my full nginx setup guide any newbies can use this guide to install+configure all the necessary things to run their site within 30 minutes.

This blog runs on LNMP0.5RB setup on 512MB  XEN VPS additionally memcached is installed to cache database and objects.

Images hosted on amazon cloudfront to reduce disk usage and fast up page loads. Im not using CloudFront to server JS,CSS files or another things except images on posts. All CSS,and JS cached on memcached. You can use these guides to configure same setup like mine.

  1. Installing Nginx latest with all necessary components
  2. Integrating memcached to wordpress
  3. Using amazon to host your images

In my setup there is nothing fancy than those. And Loadimpact standard free tests doesnt even make a blip on RAM+CPU usage because most of the things cached on RAM using memcached.

Here are the final details. take a look how much time that pingdom uses to load 1323KB of data

lnmp fast

Actually its nice result! You can follow my 3 guides to have same setup like mine! 🙂 cheers!

I'm Ruchira Sahan and all posts on this blog are completely my thoughts and writings. I love DIY and Technology. So feel free to contact me for anything about this blog and don't forget to add a comment if this blog helped you! Thanks
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