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by Ruchira on April 4, 2013




Looking Glass’s are perfect to troubleshoot network issues. Those can generate ping, traceroute, mtr reports from the server to the host that you wish. Most popular example is Hurricane Electric’s looking glass

There is a new free and open source script to build your own looking glass with features like

  • host
  • mtr
  • mtr6 (IPv6)
  • ping
  • ping6 (IPv6)
  • traceroute
  • traceroute6 (IPv6)


Interface looks clean as you can see on above image and installation is pretty easy too. It requires shell access and PHP 5.3 or newer with PHP PDO enabled.  Github page is located here

Installation is straight forward and simple

Download and Install

cd /LookingGlass

And execute the command below to install



Answer to follow up questions and that’s it, Now you got a looking glass 🙂

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