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by Ruchira on April 19, 2013




If you want to setup a new computer or install software which you use regularly after a system format, You will have to dedicate much of your valuable time for that. Downloading and installing software one by one is boring and “ninite” is here to overcome that problem.  Ninite is a multiple software installer which by name helps you to install the software you need by once without going over to every single web site to download those.

Using ninite is very easy. Just hop over to and tick the softwares that you need to install. Choice of software is limited but most freewares which a typical computer users use are listed there with the version numbers like you see below.





AFter selecting what to install, just click the “Get Installer” button on the bottom of the page and you will get the installer. Ninite is even available for Ubuntu as you see on their web site. But the number of software’s it can install is limited at the moment.

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