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by Ruchira on September 9, 2010

Most of people buys Virtual Private servers because their shared hosting is not enough or their site is getting more visitors that shared hosting cant afford. But some of them doesn’t know the basics of installing admin panel (like Cpanel) on their VPS and managing their VPS from scratch. So I own few VPS’s for my hosting needs and I was a geek too when I entered this area of interest but now I fed up with google a lot 😀 And this is a guide about how to install Kloxo (formerly known as LXAdmin) on CentOS. Forget about installing a panel like webmin if you are newbie to linux servers. Kloxo is very easy to manage like cpanel. You can do the same process to install kloxo on dedicated servers installed CentOS on it.

Things you need-

  • A VPS or dedicated server that has at least 128MB memory
  • SSH Client , PUTTY for windows operating systems Download it free
  • Relaxed mind

Note that there are many Admin panels like Cpanel,Kloxo,ISPconfig,Webmin,Plesk . But I recommend Kloxo (LXadmin) because it runs on even low memory VPS’s that has only 128MB memory and there is built in 2 web servers , Apache  and Lighttpd. Previously there were 2 versions of kloxo panels one is Free version and the other is Kloxo Enterprise.

The free version only had support to only 40 domains run on the same server and Enterprise version can run unlimited domains on one server. But now Kloxo owner LXlabs CEO  K.T Ligesh dead. And the Kloxo is become a freeware So you can now obtain Enterprise license for free.

So if you want more information or want to see demo’s about kloxo please go to their website here.

So lets start-

  • First of all you need to install PUTTY and login to your server with it by very easy steps, providing the ipaddress and password given to you buy the hosting company. The default User name is root.
  • The you need to install YUM So run these commands on putty-

for file in \
elfutils-0.125-3.el5.i386.rpm \
elfutils-libs-0.125-3.el5.i386.rpm \
expat-1.95.8-8.2.1.i386.rpm \
gmp-4.1.4-10.el5.i386.rpm \
libxml2-2.6.26- \
libxml2-python-2.6.26- \
m2crypto-0.16-6.el5.2.i386.rpm \
python-2.4.3-21.el5.i386.rpm \
python-elementtree-1.2.6-5.i386.rpm \
python-iniparse-0.2.3-4.el5.noarch.rpm \
python-sqlite-1.1.7-1.2.1.i386.rpm \
python-urlgrabber-3.1.0-2.noarch.rpm \
readline-5.1-1.1.i386.rpm \
rpm-4.4.2-48.el5.i386.rpm \
rpm-libs-4.4.2-48.el5.i386.rpm \
rpm-python-4.4.2-48.el5.i386.rpm \
sqlite-3.3.6-2.i386.rpm \
yum-3.2.8-9.el5.centos.1.noarch.rpm \
do wget$file;

When your server finishes downloading YUM run this commands to install it-
# rpm -Uvh *.rpm

Then feel free to # yum -y update to bring your system up to date.

  • Then YUM is successfully installed
  • The nest step is to install Kloxo, Run these commands on your server-
sh ./

You will presented with a question/menu from yum/up2date, on which you can press <Enter>

Kloxo will install:

Web server:

Mail server:

courier (imap pop)
httpd (for webmail)



Database Server:

  • Then your kloxo install is successful you can login in to panel at yourip:7778  The default user name is- Admin and the password is – Admin


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1 Serbianwings September 10, 2010 at 1:21 PM

Very useful post. Please can you write something about setting up DNS in Kloxo, and other settings too. I had most problems with that.


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