How to get free SSL certificates

by Ruchira on March 19, 2013



SSL is the industry standard to prevent eavesdropping on the internet. SSL is becoming mainstream because of increasing number of attacks on the interwebs. However SSL certificates comes at a cost, I know most of you wont go that extra step of securing your site with SSL because of this cost.

StartSSL offers you completely free Class 1 SSL certificates and I have tried their free cert and its awesome. I didn’t had any problem with the browsers that I tested on and now I’m using it on production environment.

You can check out StartSSL here. Interface is little bit complicated and all the accounts and code signing requests are verified by their staff so there is no instant issue service here, But when I tried it, my account was approved within 2 hours and CSR got approved within 30mins or so. Not bad for free service and a huge plus is that the free cert gives you 256bit encryption.  StartSSL’s control panel login is handled by a personal certificate, this can be a headache for some people because if you lose that certificate you wont be able to log in to their control panel. So make sure to backup the login certificate in a safer place.


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