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by Ruchira on October 3, 2010

Load impact a real impact

Are you a webmaster? Have you heard about Loadimpact? Its free load test tool for your web site and generates virtual simulated users to access your site and see how your server performs under heavy load!

Is this serious?

  • Oh yeah! Take a look at my cpu usage and traffic graphs generated while I load test

Cpu usage-
cpu usage

  • Network usage

Network usage

You can see the spikes while I test my web site with free test on loadimpact also I saw my server performed very well under this heavy load! So if you own vps or dedicated server you can test your performance by taking the free test provided by load impact! But be sure to sign up for free account before test because they wont provide free graphs without log in!

And hey dont test your website if you are hosted on shared web server it might get your account suspended due to heavy cpu and network usage!

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1 ian January 12, 2011 at 10:44 AM

i use nginx too, i must test mine..
tq for this ruchira…


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