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by Ruchira on May 16, 2013


Need to try out WIndows 2012 Server edition? Windows Azure, which is the cloud platform of Microsoft ( like Amazon AWS ) offers you free 90 days of trial for people who want to try out their service. This is just like Amazon AWS free trial but Microsoft is very generous except for bandwidth usage, because they enable you to create VM’s up to 14GB RAM and 8 cores with this free trial. Like I said only downside is that you will get only 20GB of outbound bandwidth and inbound is free.

You can signup here but you will need to provide credit card details to verify your account. But don’t worry, Microsoft is placing $0.01 spending limit for trial accounts so you won’t get charged for anything like if you choose the wrong option.


After phone verification you will get access to Azure control panel and I should say that this is the best looking server control panel that I ever seen. Linodes control panel looks nice too but when comparing with Amazon AWS console, this is just way ahead in terms of user interface. The only downside that I noticed is that deploying virtual machines and other services take much time than on EC2. Otherwise its great.

You can deploy VM’s with basically all Windows 2012 Server versions and some other OS’s. So this is a great way to experience Windows 2012 Server or do any experiment you want. I’m running remote desktop on my VM and I’m impressed about it



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