Galaxy SIII is coming on May 3rd. If Exynos 5250 Im sold ASAP!

by Ruchira on April 18, 2012



Galaxy SIII is coming on May 3rd. Thats 48 hour old news, But the curiosity is what Samsung has to offer on its beastly phone!  Galaxy SIII is a hit and still the best Android smartphone ever built all round.  Some sources says that GSIII will be an incremental upgrade to already successful GSII. But you know Samsung showed that it wants to stay ahead of the game with the Galaxy S series.

GSII s exynos processor was a huge success and it took very long to others companies to beat it. But it still crowns as a best all round processor because of its battery life and graphics performance. What does Samsung needs to provide with GSIII to stay ahead of the game for at least 6 months? Sure enough its the Exynos 5250 Quad core processor. Currently production technology has stuck on A9 for Quad cores like Tegra 3.  If Samsung brings out the 5250 which features A15 cores and Mali 6 series GPU. It will be very hard to beat.

BGR is strictly saying that  GSIII will feature a 1080P display. If so it will probably be a pentile display.  You can see many people now complains about pentile displays, But I personally like the pentile display which was on my Galaxy S than non pentile display on my current GSII. Its just me, I wont say bad to Samsung if its a pentile display.  But if its 720P display with non-pentile display I wont complain either. I bet Samsung will always come out with a good choice for consumers.

I’m eagerly waiting to see what will it be. And if they put exynos 5250,  I will buy it ASAP.  Even if they decided to put A9 quad core processor, I’ll wait few months until price comes down a bit 🙂 Both ways I will be purchasing the phone for sure 🙂

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1 Freddy Haramboure June 20, 2012 at 12:30 PM

Thank God, I have the iPhone and I need my upgrade is soon and hopefully this phone will provide the satisfaction that is lacking with the iPhone.


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