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by Ruchira on March 2, 2013




Samsung has announced the next generation of Galaxy S will be unveiled on March 14. This time they are going to launch it on United States rather than launching it on Europe like they did previously. Galaxy SIII launch was great and event and it kept the wow factor going thanks to software innovations like Smart Stay , S Beam etc.

Now few days past since Samsung sent out the invitation for Marth 14 event and many rumors seems to be out in the wild about specs of this device. Most disappointing one is that Samsung will use Snapdragon 600 processor instead of its own Exynos OCTA  processor due to issues with overheating issues with OCTA.  I highly doubt if Samsung will turn away from Exynos platform anytime soon because they are investing heavily on development of it and showing it off. But there is a possibility of this happening and Samsung could keep OCTA for the Note 3 because then they gets time to tackle the problems with overheating if that rumor is really true.

Other disappointing rumor is that Samsung isn’t going to use the Super AMOLED displays on Galaxy SIV and instead they will use Solux HD display. This rumor surfaced thanks to another rumor which said Samsung is behind the SIII production schedule by 6 months because of AMOLED display shortage and AMOLED wont make it to Galaxy SIV on time.

Both rumors can be true but its hard to believe that Samsung will move away from Exynos and AMOLED unless they are really screwed. But if they do that, there is high possibility that we will see Exynos and AMOLED on Note 3 by end of this year.

Will Galaxy S line no longer be the flagship of Samsung by latest and greatest hardware?  Fear no more less than 2 weeks to find out.

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1 Perplexus March 2, 2013 at 7:34 PM

wow i think it will be awesome


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